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Nadared Vodka

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A lead-free glass bottle, an organic label and the use of natural U.S. grains make Nadared Vodka an environmentally-conscious choice. The recipe is free of heavy-metals which will lessen hangover headaches. It's triple-distilled and its name translates to "nothing oppressive". Your gift can make a difference; Nadared Vodka supports institutions in politically oppressed countries by donating part of their net profits. Send Nadared Vodka as special Thank You, Birthday, Congratulations, Wedding, Wedding Anniversary, Housewarming or Corporate Gifts.
Nadared Vodka
Nadared Vodka Gifts are magnificently wrapped and delivered on time when using our liquor delivery service. Nadared Vodka Gifts can be included in a custom gift basket. Call our Gift Concierge Specialists at 1-877-SPIRITS (774-7487) to learn how to send the perfect champagne, wine and liquor gifts, alone or in a gift basket, anytime, anywhere through our liquor delivery service.