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We are a group of friends, wine enthusiasts, in love with Italy and Italian wines, with a passion for Prosecco. We live and travel around the world and we all came to the conclusion that nothing out there truly embodied what Prosecco is for us. FIOL is our way to fill that gap and to bring this experience to customers globally. We assembled an international team with the most diverse backgrounds, specific field, located in Treviso (the capital of the Prosecco Region) and major capitals in Europe and Asia. Each member of our team has been selected for their experience in specific fields but they all share a strong background with Prosecco. We are independent, we play outside pre-set schemes and our focus is the international customer who is aspiring to get a taste of the Italian lifestyle; we are able to do this by drawing on decades of experience in the wine business.

The extra dry Prosecco FIOL shows a light straw color, a typical bouquet reminiscent of wisteria flowers, acacia and also mature crab apple. With a shrewdly contained alcohol, acidity, lively but not overbearing it delivers freshness and palatability, savory and a slightly sweeter taste, contributing even more to preserve that character so appealing and inviting.

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