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Back in the mid 1990's tequila was finding its way through a more discerning public; its fresh and flavorful personality was increasingly captivating sophisticated, well-educated consumers that found in this spirit an interesting alternative to their usual drinks. Tequila, however, was not evolving as fast as its audience was. The quality of most tequilas in the market was, at the most, good enough to qualify for international standards, yet terribly far from what it could achieve when made with real passion and a deep knowledge of agave and tequila. Juan Carlos Arav, founder and president of Tequila REVOLUCION, noticing the crave of the market for a really premium, world-class tequila, decided to craft a product that would pay a dignifying homage to the agave plant and to the tradition and legend that surrounds this historical spirit, a liquid that can be aged as long as desired while still preserving the flavor and personality of the Blue Tequilana Webber Agave. In 1995, Tequila REVOLUCION Reposado was launched: a distillate that combined ancient production techniques with an unparalleled compromise towards perfection; Juan Carlos, decided to make a long-lasting difference in the tequila world, included a series of improvements in the process that only a man with a true passion for tequila could conceive. From planting and caring our own agave plants, to only using barrels that have contained tequila for at least 20 years, Tequila REVOLUCION has set a new standard on what premium tequila should be. Later on, the rest of the REVOLUCION line came to light: Silver, Añejo, 100 Proof and Extra Añejo, each one performing outstandingly in international competitions, and immediately winning the hearts of tequila aficionados and connoisseurs.