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Brandy Gifts are a great way to express a Thank You, Birthday, Congratulations, Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming, Corporate Thank You good wishes or any other celebratory event. Our fine Brandy Gifts will make a lasting impression on your friends, family and business associates. Remember, we can always customize a gourmet gift basket that will be just right for your recipient.
Brandy Gifts are a true treat for the senses. Originating from the Dutch word brandewijn (burnt wine), Brandy is distilled from fruit and is commonly used in cocktails and cooking. Brandy was invented centuries ago and has been pleasing people with its smooth, distinctive taste ever since. Find out just how easy it is to send Brandy Gifts or a gourmet gift basket containing our fine Brandy such as Cardenal Mendoza or Metaxa anytime, anywhere. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Call our Gift Concierge Specialists at 1-877-SPIRITS (774-7487) to customize gift baskets for your recipients.