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Produced from exceptional grapes out of Trentino & Veneto, Italy, Lunetta is the perfect sparkling wine for romantic evenings, brunches, holidays or casual gatherings with friends and family. Thanks to the refreshing, dry and harmonious taste profile, along with its invigorating bubbles, a bottle of Lunetta Prosecco should be cherished among all to celebrate all of lifes little pleasures. Fragrant with enticing aromas of apple and peach, Lunetta Prosecco is refreshing, dry and harmonious with crisp fruit flavors and a clean finish.

At our Maso, Cavit has developed its own hospitality and research center which works closely with one of Europe’s top centers of viticultural research, Istituto Agrario Provinciale at San Michele all’Adige. The Institute partners with local winemakers and growers, of whom the majority are part of Cavit, the region’s principal wine producer.

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