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The Reisetbauer family farm, Kirchdorfergut, is located in the Hausruckviertel district of Upper Austria. Because of its favourable soils and a climate with wide fluctuations in temperature, it is one of the best Austrian regions for growing fruit. The fruit for the distillery, ranging from Williams pears and apples to apricots and rowanberries, is cultivated on 18 hectares surrounding the huge four-sided farmhouse complex with its interior courtyard. An indispensable ingredient in making high-quality distillates is the perfect quality of the fruit. That is why the Reisetbauer family tends the orchards with the utmost of care, beginning with expert selection of trees adapted to the special growing conditions, continuing with rigorous pruning to reduce yield and improve quality, and ending in the harvest, which is conducted in numerous stages to guarantee that the fruit has been ideally ripened. The Reisetbauer Method of Double Distillation In order to best preserve the powerful aroma of ideally ripened fruit, mashing and fermentation are carried out immediately after harvesting. Fermentation takes place at carefully controlled temperatures before the mash undergoes double distillation by the traditional method in a copper pot still. The still was specially designed by Hans Reisetbauer in cooperation with Christian Carl with a number of detail of construction that make it possible to retain an unusually high percentage of the original aroma.. The Pure Taste of Nature Reisetbauer brandies are 100 per cent genuine, pure and unadulterated. Under no circumstances are sugar or fragrances ever added.

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