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Born from extraordinary experiences, Calamity Gin is the spirit American Legends are made of. It’s a unique, premium crafted Texas Dry Gin infused with wildflowers including Texas Bluebonnets. Through a unique combination of Old World and New World styles we have distilled a well balanced gin with mild juniper and floral notes and a fresh citrus finish. It’s a unique taste we call “Texas Dry.” Calamity Jane was a legendary character and icon of the American West. She was renowned for her sharp shooting and heavy drinking - but also for her heroism and charity towards others. Calamity Gin embodies the independent spirit of Calamity Jane and inspires all men and women to find their inner legend through confidence and determination.

ARTISAN JUNIPER Selected for its less bitter character CORIANDER SEEDS A sweet, aromatic taste with a touch of citrus INDIAN CARDAMON A full-bodied spice that gives complexity and the base notes SICILIAN LEMON The dominate part of the citrus character providing fresh strong acidic tones SICILIAN BERGAMOT Chosen to complement the lemon and add to the base notes GRAPEFRUIT Enhances the depth of the citrus finish WEST INDIAN LIME ZEST Elevates the acidic flavor West Indian BITTER ORANGE Rounds out the various citrus notes with a light, soft touch of bitterness LAVENDER Creates the floral notes with a little bit of spice MOROCCAN ROSE Gives the gin a delicate soft sweetness TEXAS WILDFLOWERS A mix of wildflowers with Bluebonnets accentuate the floral undertones.

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