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If you were in need of refreshment in London before 1861 and you popped into a Gin Palace for a quick dram of gin, the bartender wouldn’t serve it in a bottle. It would be stored in barrels and the drink would be drawn. As you sipped your gin, you would notice more sweetness than we now expect from the gins in most pubs and bars. London Dry Gin has yet to come on the scene, and what you’d be drinking is its predecessor, generally referred to as Old Tom Gin. Old Tom would be sweetened with natural sugars but also with sweet botanicals like liquorice. The origins of the name ‘Old Tom’ are shrouded in mystery and largely anecdotal. It is widely assumed the name refers to the notorious Captain Dudley Bradstreet and the sign of the cat on the door of his speakeasy bar. Winston Churchill is reputed to have been a fan of Old Tom Gin , since he found London Dry too dry and Geneva-style gin too sweet.

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