Woman Owned Tequila Brand | PROSPERO TEQUILA BLANCO - 750ML


Born of the lush, volcanic soil of the tequila valley, Pr�spero is the pinnacle of tequila, crafted by one of the few female master distillers, Stella Anguiano. Stella has been crafting tequila in Jalisco for thirty years. She has perfected her craft with Pr�spero Tequila, from the roasting of agave hearts to hand selecting the spirit�s final cut. �Pr�spero is a tequila that embodies the power of the female spirit. This is a tequila made by a woman for all women to enjoy,� says Anguiano. �As one of the first females in this industry, it is important for me to create something that other women can appreciate.�

Pr�spero is an elegant bespoke creation. The hexagonal shaped glass bottles are a custom hand-blown work of art, the labels and corks are meticulously applied by hand at the distillery and the tequila perfected by Stella Anguiano is filled by hand to ensure that every bottle that comes to market embodies the power and strength of the female spirit.

Global superstar Rita Ora serves as the Chief Creative Partner for Pr�spero Tequila. Ora's partnership with Master Distiller Stella Anguiano ensures that Prospero Tequila appeals to both tequila aficionados and strong vibrant women.

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