Ultimat Riedel Gift Set

Ultimat Riedel Gift Set

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Ultimat Vodka with 2 Riedel Glasses

Ultimat vodka truly deserves to be enjoyed in the perfect stemware.

Riedel, long considered the world’s premier manufacturer of top-quality stemware, specially developed this glass to complement the tasting experience and subtle nuances for all vodkas. This unique, limited-edition glass was created through an exclusive collaboration between Riedel and the makers of Ultimat vodka.

Ultimat is crafted from a balanced combination of wheat, rye, and potato, creating a vodka with a delicate flavor, smooth texture, and rich complexity distinctly accentuated by tasting this exceptional luxury spirit in the Riedel vodka glass.

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Send ULTIMAT VODKA to your recipients as Thank You, Birthday, Congratulations, Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming or Corporate Gifts! Send Ultimat Vodka in a custom vodka gift basket through our reliable vodka delivery service.