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WEST 32 SOJU - ORIGINAL Distilled & bottled in New York.

Inspired by memorable dinners and nights out on West 32nd Street in New York City’s Koreatown, we sought to develop an approachable, high-quality Soju to share over any meal, toast with for celebrations, or to kick back and catch up with friends. After countless trials, we achieved a refined recipe for an all-natural, gluten-free Soju, that’s the perfect spirit to enjoy neat, in cocktails, and always with your closest friends and family. West 32 Soju is our take on the traditional Korean spirit that is true to heritage, but with a modern American craft influence.

American craft soju triple carbon filtered without chemical sweeteners or artificial additives. Clean base and light sweetness make it perfect in cocktails or neat to be the life of the party — best enjoyed with friends.

19.99% ABV

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