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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Brunch Cocktails

by 1-877-SPIRITS.COM 3. May 2012 09:51

STAGINGMake this Mother’s Day brunch memorable by gifting the ingredients to our refreshing, spring cocktail recipes! Grey Goose Vodka, St-Germain Liqueur and Segura Viudas Brut Heredad Sparkling Wine are fantastic gifts as well as key ingredients that lead to a fun brunch.

Cran-Orange Mimosa - Mix 1 q. chilled cranberry-raspberry juice, 2 c. ginger ale, 2 c. orange juice, 2 c.
Segura Viudas Brut Heredad Sparkling Wine in a punch bowl. Add orange and lime slices and cranberries for garnish.

Bloody Mary for Mom - Squeeze a lime wedge around the rim of a tall cocktail glass then dip into coarse salt. Add 1-1/2 oz.
Grey Goose Vodka, 4 oz. tomato juice, a dash of celery salt, a dash of fresh ground pepper, 8 shakes of Worcestershire sauce, 1/3 tsp. horseradish and 2 dashes of hot sauce in a large glass with ice. Add a green olive on a toothpick and add spicy pickled asparagus and celery for garnish.

Pineapple Cooler - Cut the peel from one large pineapple, remove the core, and cut the fruit into 1-inch pieces. Place the fruit in a food processor and pulse until crushed (not pureed). Pour contents into a large pot, add 1-1/4 c. sugar, 4 c. water and 3 lemon verbena sprigs. Over medium heat, bring to a simmer and cook 15 minutes. Strain through a fine mesh sieve, pressing the solid to drain any juice out into a punch bowl. Cool and stir in the lemon juice & 1 c.
St-Germain Liqueur. Serve over ice garnished with the remaining herb sprigs.

If you’re going to dinner with Mom, check out our chicken and garlic wine pairings post. For Moms who love sweets, check out this post for more Mother’s Day Gift ideas.

Kentucky Derby Bourbon Cocktails

by 1-877-SPIRITS.COM 1. May 2012 10:48

Whether you’ll be in attendance at the 138th Kentucky Derby races or cheering from home, spring bourbon cocktails are essential. Our Derby day cocktails feature the “Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby”, Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Enjoy!

The Derby Day Bourbon Slush serves about 14 guests so it’s great for a party. In a large bowl, mix a 6 oz. can of frozen orange juice concentrate, a 12 oz. can of frozen lemonade concentrate, a 46 oz. can pineapple juice, 1-1/2 c. granulated sugar, 2 c. dark-brewed black tea and 2 c.
Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Freeze overnight in shallow bowls/dishes. Remove from freezer the following day and let stand for 10 minutes before using a wire whisk to chop and make mixture into slush. Scoop frozen slush into glasses, top with Sprite or 7-UP soda.

The Bourbon Crusta is a well-known bourbon cocktail that dates back to the 1850’s. Use a lemon wedge to rim a chilled cocktail glass then dip the glass into granulated white sugar. Shake 1-1/2 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon, 1/2 oz. Cointreau Liqueur, 2 tsp. Maraschino liqueur and 1/2 oz. lemon juice in a shaker with ice. Strain into the sugar rimmed cocktail glass and garnish with an orange slice.

The Mint Julep is a classic cocktail that’s been served for nearly a century at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. Muddle 4 fresh mint leaves, 1 tsp. powdered sugar and 2 tsp. of water in a Collins glass. Fill the glass with shaved or crushed ice and add 2-1/2 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Top with more ice, garnish with a mint sprig and serve with a straw.

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Cinco de Mayo Tequila Guide

by 1-877-SPIRITS.COM 26. April 2012 09:28

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a variety of tequilas! Our Cinco de Mayo Tequila Guide will help you choose tequilas from each category: Silver/Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. Party guests will be impressed by your knowledge of tequila.

Silver Tequila – Not aged and usually radiates strong blue agave notes.
Patrón Silver has soft agave and caramel notes with a subtle pepper bite. Patrón is one of our top selling tequila brands with an extensive variety of tequilas including the new Patrón XO Café Dark Cocoa Tequila and high-end Gran Patrón Burdeos Tequila. We also offer a gift set that includes a bottle of
Patrón Silver, Patrón Reposado and bar tools!

Reposado Tequila – Aged in white oak casks from 2 months to a year and is usually golden in color. Aging brings out mellow oak notes with blue agave flavors still lingering.
Kah Reposado is fierce at 110 proof with vibrant agave notes and soft oak and vanilla flavors from aging in French Limousine casks. Kah Tequilas are perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Day of the Dead in November, with skull bottles designed to honor Dia del Los Muertos.

Añejo Tequila – Aged in white oak casks for more than a year in small batches. Extensive aging creates rich oak flavors and light brown coloring.
Deleón Añejo is a luxurious option that’s aged for over 17 months creating a variety of balanced flavors from black cherry to sweet jalapeño. The bottle is sleek with a stunning metal sculpted topper. Extra Añejo is also available.

Casa Dragones is a sensational tequila that fits into multiple categories. Essentially it’s a platinum tequila but the Maestro Tequilero adds a finishing touch of extra añejo - aged five long years - to create an unsurpassed sipping tequila.

For Cinco de Mayo party cocktail recipes, check out this post. We include recipes from some of other favorite tequilas.